10 Best Sex Shops in the World

Sex Shops reviews – 10 best and most significant sex shops. updated 30.4.2022


We focused on Sex shops price to performance ratio. This rank goes deep into the matter and does not fit to sex shops spending a lot of money on advertising -i.e. the most publicly known sex shops in ur countries, but the most cost effective and interesting sex shops, we were able to discover on the net or based on ur tips.

Score over 60% is impressive, over 50% very good. The highest category mark is 10. The sex shop review methodology is at the end of the article.

Our interest and notes for ur tips: We are not interested in affiliate programs or any type of provisions. Be extra good and u can join this ranking for free. Your tips are welcome.

The best 10 are checked yearly (last yearly check September 2021) + ongoing updates

90,5% Extasica.com Europe, US

2022: Portfolio quality increased. Cca 5% is designed by Extasica or produced according to its demand in a  better custom quality. Web update.

2021: This Czech sexshop started 2016. It operates throughout the EU including language and currency mutations. Extasica offers a wide range of quality BDSM and clinics sex tools. They search for own suppliers, carefully select goods and offer constantly very low prices. Many specialties you will not get anywhere else. Extasica has almost abandoned plastic internal body sex tools and offers silicone and realskin only, which is rare among sex shops. Customer data are always deleted in a couple of weeks after the order has been processed and a customer account cannot be set up.  Some items are unavailable for several months. They have several articles on the blog, which deal with the topic in relative depth and quality porn stories (we emphasize the quality – one would look for it on the Internet). They even design some sex tools themselves. This is again an exception among sex shops, not counting factory stores. They do not bother with marketing, advertising posters on their web, advertising emails, etc. and thus offers quiet shopping or reading. It has long-term – several-month promotions – prices for a buyer (or close buyer) for some selected popular (understand easily comparable) products (Satisfyer) for all customers. Their portfolio quality strongly increases each year and they have a potential to give inspiration to others.

  1. Price to quality performance  10 x 50= 500 the cheapest sex shop for branded products, prices 10 to 40% below others, no overpriced products compared to others
  2. Offer extension 6 x20=120 not much in item volumes, but very miscellaneous and rare tools middle / high quality, absence of latex, wear, aphrodisiacs)
  3. extra 9 x15=135 quality articles, own tools development, special goods that u can not find elsewhere, no adds
  4. Absence of poor quality tools 10 x15=150
  5. Unfair practices: not found
  6. privacy protection threats: not found – no accounts, clean, very detailed and easily accessible private policy, they delete all customer data after 2 months, all 3rd  disclosed

 78% (79,5%) Mr. Hankey´s Toys USA (dildo manufacturer) all world

This is not a sex shop but a dildo manufacturer from USA established 2015. We made an exemption as it is honor to review this young legend. Many of test criteria will not be applicable on a fair basis. They do amazing realistic and fantasy dildos from premium silicone. There are 2 or 3 similar manufacturers, but not so famous. Their 75% lower hardness is still harder than optimal for human body but u can ask for custom hardness and even custom colors. The prices are high but for such a quality staff pretty reasonable, especially when u wait for your 25% birthday or 20% Halloween ‚s discount. Even with these discounts, Extasica still can do the same quality about 25% cheaper, but its premium silicone dildo portfolio is very limited compared to Mr. Hankey’s Toys.

We are not fan of modern eshops airy designs where u need to scroll like hell to visit a couple of product, but in this premium goods case it‘ s very appropriate and the web design feels really smooth. They also have a lot of enthusiastic product reviews mostly got in the last 2 years, which is pretty extraordinary for sex shop products. We also need to realize, they came into the market in recent times (2015) when compared to others like Pipe Dream and partially also Doc Jonson still made heavy sales with very low quality hard stinky 20-30 years old technology PVC dildos. It was a huge step forward in the sex tool business. Even in China, the most advance sex tools market, this technology (Premium platinium liquid silicone) was pretty fresh and rarely used. Even compared to TPE „cyberskin“ the liquid silicone dildos are slightly better, thus they started to offer visually and qualitatively products like from a different world. We believe they were and are an inspiration for many other dildo producers. However, PVC and low quality TPE still prevail on the current market. Even Extasica told us, they wanted to sell Mr. Hankey’s Toys, but driven to Europe distributor Clonezone UK, after several months of no reaction, they started to design own premium silicone dildos.

We remember their 2017 web where they introduced themselves as a family company and among others asking u self consciously to „don´ t be pushy“ for your Halloween‘ s 25% order, (as there was a sort of crowd expected probably from the previous year experience). In 2021 their web grew in beauty a lot and they also added video tubes. This company hit the market pretty hard. Should they have an ordinary sexs shop, our (already now impressive) rating would be probably much higher, unless they are so expensive like normal USA sex shops :).

  1. Price to quality performance  9 x 50= 450 (they are just great, only Extasica beats them in prices)
  2. Offer extension 3 x20=60 (it‘ s not a sex shop )
  3. extra 9 x 15=135 (tube, development, customisation, reviews, web, inspirational experience, special product design)
  4. Absence of poor quality tools 10 x 15=150
  5. Unfair practices: not found
  6. privacy protection threats: -15p privacy policy is part of terms (giving worse easy access), 3rd parties list not disclosed, data storing length not stated

77% (79%) Sexy Avenue Western Europe

French sexshop since 1999. Four language mutations. They have really cheap mainstream vibrators like Satisfyers. Their vibrators prices are almost at middle Europe sex shop prices and close to wholesale prices. The margin is made on other products – on BDSM – is about twice as much as Extasica, but still decent for Western Europe. BDSM is rather low and middle quality only, dildos similarly. Free transport for 25 Eur+ orders in connection with cheap mainstream good quality vibrator prices makes it a good choice to buy a vibrator. They still keep a couple of old ugly vibrators in their offer but they replace them for the new nice ergonomic much much more successfully then e.g. Love Honey. Seemingly huge blog is rather a marketing place without valuable information. To sum up, a very good result.

  1. Price to quality performance  9 x 50= 450 (excellent prices for vibrators)
  2. Offer extension 8 x20=160 (missing clinic and quality BDSM)
  3. extra 3 x 15=45 decent European shipping rates, more than English language mutations
  4. Absence of poor quality tools 6 x 15=135 (low quality BDSM and lot of dildos PVC gel dildos and Pipe Dream dildos)
  5. Unfair practices: not found („own brand toys are rather generic products, but it‘ s such a small flaw that we do net penalise it)
  6. privacy protection threats: -20p privacy policy only in French pdf / we were not able to assess it (reach it via google browser translate)

69% (80%)  Aliexpress.com All countries

Although this huge Chinese shopping portal it is not a classic sex shop, it is quite possible it will be one of the 5 largest sex shops in most countries in the world. It is definitively world Nr. 1 measured via sex tools to sales volumes. Many sex shops in Europe are bothered by unfair competition. However, from June 2021, Aliexpress in Europe must also pay customs and VAT. The advantage of this platform is the quantity and variety of suppliers – a really wide range of goods, mostly low prices, very low prices, mass transport through the Aliexpress channel. The disadvantage is the waiting period of 5 weeks, basically no non-existent warranty and especially the fact that many manufacturers of erotic tools do not allow the best quality goods on this platform, ie. these are rather generic products of lower quality. Some products are horribly overpriced – it is common u can buy the same thong for 5 or 10 or 25 USD from different traders. It could be slightly misleading and u need to pay more attendance, but it is ideal for beginners who can read and compare and are not too demanding as quality is concerned. Sometimes the main photo is illustrative only and u get less quality item displayed at the secondary product photos. However, the vast majority of erotic aids on the world market, including European and USA sex shops, are generic rebranded products from China. So for many people, lower quality will not be essential. Similar portal is Amazon. Amazon (compared to Aliexpress) is pretty terrible as user experience is concerned (especially when filters and searching are concerned), and moreover it takes 20% sales reward, so it can neither compete with Aliexpress, nor with cheap quality sex shops. Good extra is, when u bought very overpriced product (that is otherwise according to description) u can claim discount and u usually get it.

  1. Price to quality performance  9 x 50= 450 lowest prices for generic products, when u are careful (it would be clean 10 definitively and all other sex shops would fall minus 1 at least, if scammers asking third the price for the same product were non existent)
  2. Offer extension 10 x20=200 broadest offer on the world, often low and middle quality products, but in the y 2021 some quality goods started to emerge
  3. extra 5 x 15=75 very cheap mass transport, return policy works well even without goods return when u were cheated
  4. Absence of poor quality tools 5 x 15=75
  5. Unfair practices: -30p very often incorrectly described material, bad photo, or more photos, while the main photo is different from the product, deduction is low as full compensation was always received
  6. privacy protection threats: -80p non democratic country with strict personal data control by the government

Without the penalties Aliexpress would reach an impressive score of 80%.

70% (71,5%) Satisfyer All world (vibrator producer)

2022: They are struggling with price to performance ration in a new trendy segment – prostate anal vibrators. Relevant Quality slightly lower but triple the prices than Chinese competition. Rating reduced by 5%.

2021: In a German group together with Eis (see also in this chart). This produces is so special (among others world Nr. 1 brand as sales and marketing are concerned) we decided to make another exemption and introduce this rather factory brand among out sex shop ranking. More famous follower of the Womaniser. Womansizer unsuccessfully sued Satisfyer for breaking the patent or intellectual property, but honestly there was not too much to sue, as the technology of pulse vibration is pretty cheap and easy. The pulses adjusted vibrations that go deeper into the body (not real air sucking). The reason was Womanizer made products with the same technology 3 times more expensive like 170 Eur against 50. Actually Satisfyer itself was, till recent times pretty expensive and Chinese offer the same technology vibrators for 10 USD as a wholesale price. To be honest Satisfyer had magnetic charging, but also was and mainly is plastic only compared to Chinese whole silicone coated products. The quality felt better for the Chinese products. Actually, at one Asian expo we met the manufacturer of Satisfyer Pro 2 Next generation (at the time with a 50 Eur price tag). They offered it for 8 USD but they were not allowed to sell it into Europe. U see, Satisfyers like most of other sex tools are also made in China. And moreover, there is also higher quality real sucking technology based on small compressors on the market available at Chinese brand suppliers for little higher prices than the cheapest Satisfyers. The simpler pulsion technology is under our experience more preferred by women. Back to Satisfyer. This company is not very popular by sex shop owners as it due to stong and permanent marketing made very strong brands and it product are often sold with zero margin, even by expensive sex shops to show they have competitive prices. However, Satisfier has not aslept on his success and the following is why we decided to make another exemption and mention here a second manufacturer (its sex shop is mainly to promote product and u can buy Satisfyier product in other sex shop cheaper then in the factory sex shop). Till 2018 Satisfyer offered not much special compared to competition except huge, huge marketing. From 2019/20 Satisfyer has started to offer moreluxurious packing, 15y warranty, a lot of app connectivity products and cheaper products with the same technology and also whole silicone coated (2021 even in more than 2 different colors, not usual for vibs). The new cheaper products with a lot of extra are pretty competitive to Chinese brands. This is a lot extra and considering Satisfyers are often sold with zero margin you often get very high quality products with many extra features for quite a low prices. By that, Satisfyer pretty much achieved a holy grale for the sex tool production – better, more extra, packing, cheaper, more quality combined with already huge marketing. U can not achieve more as a manufacturer. To be honest women really like the pulsion technology and would be Womanizer so greedy it could be in Satisfyer’s position now.

  1. Price to quality performance  8 x 50= 400 (besides the new amazing products like Love Breeze there is a lot of plastic expensive plastic products like the best seller Satisfyer Pro 2 Next generation, but in 3 years, when these are replaced or discounted, our marks will go higher)
  2. Offer extension 3 x20=60 not a sex shop
  3. extra 9 x 15=105 packing, waterproof, app connectivity, 15y warranty, no points for marketing, absolute position in the world, language and currency web mutations, own tool development
  4. Absence of poor quality tools 8 x 15=120 there is a lot of plastic product compared to Chinese silicone competition
  5. Unfair practices: not found (up to minus 100p)
  6. privacy protection threats: (up to minus 100p): -15p incomplete 3rd party list, not said length of data storag

66,5% (68%) EIS.de Germany

German sexshop from 2006. We are not sure if it sends abroad. Prices are rather average. Like 30% higher compared to middle Europe but lower than in Great Britain. They state they offer 25.000 items. It could be good if u are looking for Satisfyer or other vibrator in 5 or 7 colors, when many of vibrators are pretty similar to each other, but otherwise we can not say the are able to pick up interesting products like Extasica with only 1000 items. BDSM toys are rather poor. Suffer from variability and lack of quality stuff. Dildos are also not the greatest compared to good dildo shops. There is a lot of extra. 10 years warranty excluding goods like condoms, lubricants etc. The warranty claims are rather sporadic for sex toys and Satisfyer offers 15 warranty, but still 10 years warranty is unique and impressive. 365 Days return policy – also extremely customer friendly. The best web we have seen so far. Couple of marketing videos of rather poor informative value (more over to shop the people around than to provide any info) and the same holds for quite a lot of marketing articles and couple of sex stories. They do not go deep into the topic at all. But that is rather typical for sex shops.

  1. Price to quality performance  7 x 50= 350 (about 30 % more expensive than some middle Europe shops for identical products)
  2. Offer extension  7×20=105 (at first sight huge, by further look not so impressive)
  3. extra 9 x 15=150 best web, 10 years warranty, 1y return policy, we would give ten if blog is more informative than marketing oriented, own brand Satisfyer
  4. Absence of poor quality tools 6 x 15=90 (BDSM, dildos, vibs)
  5. Unfair practices: not found
  6. privacy protection threats: -15p  (no info how long they keep ur data, not all data for 3rd parties)

59,5% Lovehoney Europe, US, CA, JP, TU, SA + a couple

Lovehoney‘ s web is in 4 language mutations. For vibrators and dildos, prices are decently, pretty high and much higher for BDSM (like twice as much as for identical products in middle Europe). BDSM tools and dildos are mainly lower quality products. For the vibrators choose well designed products even for low quality products and have their own suppliers. They claim they have their own brands, but in truth usually it means you have an exclusive sale right from ur Chinese supplier. It also has its bad as their focus on big volumes by a couple of suppliers and their offer misses some pretty good products with good price to performance ratio (vibs, BDSM). This shop offers a lot of extra – especially a lot of video and consumer reviews. Articles are rather marketing then useful information oriented.

This British sexshop especially shines in marketing and affiliate provision program putting him into top positions in Google sex shop charts, but its nothing useful to a customer, so unlike google engine and paid affiliates and influencers no extra points for that from us.

  1. Price to quality performance  5 x 50= 250 (decent for vibs, bad for BDSM, average for dildos)
  2. Offer extension 6 x 20=120 (missing quality BDSM and some quality vibs)
  3. extra 10 x 15=150 (many video and consumer reviews, choosing well designed products even also for low quality products,  own tool development, special goods that u can not find elsewhere – vibrators)
  4. Absence of poor quality tools 6 x 15=90 (low quality dildos and BDSM)
  5. Unfair practices: not found
  6. privacy protection threats: -15p very detailed privacy policy, not all persons providing external services and receiving clients data are listed, they promise to tell how long they keep ur data but the answer is: „depends on the purposes for which we collect and use it and/or as required to comply with applicable laws and to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights „:

57,5 (58,5) % DildoKing.de All world

This German shop has a huge offer of dildos. U can find really a lot of sizes and shapes including animals and fantasy dildos. But it’s quite expensive even compared to the same product even for German sexs hops. We can observe that for vibrators they focus on the new and pretty one, but a lot of low quality vibs were left in the stock. For dildos the situation is slightly worse, as they wish to have a huge offer they mix quality dildos and low quality dildos together. BDSM is their weakest point. Though they offer from low to high quality BDSM, which is good, but other sex shop like Extasica can offer the same product for half the price, sometimes even for third the price.

  1. Price to quality performance  4 x 50= 200 (pretty expensive especially in BDSM)
  2. Offer extension 8 x20=180 (less representative BDSM and clinic)
  3. extra 8 x 15= 90 special dildos, own suppliers
  4. Absence of poor quality tools 7 x 15=135p
  5. Unfair practices: not found
  6. privacy protection threats: -10p incomplete 3rd parties list and especially for the length of the personal data keeping up to 10 years

Sex shop review methodology

All sex shops are review on a yearly basis. New sex shop are added continually based upon we find them.

Positive points – weight below is multiplied by assigned mark 1-10 for each category (max positive points 1000)

  1. Price to quality performance 50
  2. Offer extension 20 Not absolute amount of goods but how the main categories are covered with quality and cheap goods in their full spectrum and variety of use so every one can choose something perfectly suitable for her or him, also includes ability to have own suppliers not local wholesale distributor only
  3. Extra 15 – quality articles, own tool development, special goods that u can not find elsewhere, other special things making the shop visit a good experience
  4. Absence of poor quality sex tools 15 Unlike other market segments, sex tools, even expensive tools, commonly suffer from poor quality.

Negative points (max negative points 200p)

  1. Unfair practices: up to minus 100p, if detected  – false statements e.g. vacuum pump permanently enlarges penis, false ads etc.), different prices for own web and affiliates or comparison portal links, etc.
  2. Privacy protection threats: up to minus 100p, if detected. -10 points for missing info how long they keep ur data, -10 points for absence of a list of third parties with access to daty (5 points if stated partly), possibly -10pints if privacy policy does not include any other important details.  High penalty for non democratic countries.

Tips for getting to know a good sex shop:

  1. The most can be recognized remotely and from the layman’s point of view by BDSM aids. There, the so-called bread breaks the quality of sex shops and erotic aids in general and the fairground quality can usually be recognized at first glance without deeper knowledge of the industry (a good example is Extasica, which offers expensive quality and cheap BDSM tools).
  2. A good business has its own suppliers, ie. sells something different than others.
  3. Usually, the more photos, videos and especially marketing and advertising, the higher the prices and therefore the lower the value of the goods for you (usually the sex shops hitting the best Google places).
  4. The shop with good prices does not make discount events (still good prices for everyone) and does not offer (does not subsidize from prices) free transport.

Other universal advice probably no longer exists and it is up to you to examine small details, etc. If you do not want to worry about researching quality, we recommend extasica.com, titanmen.cz and mhsexshop.com, where they basically do not release low-quality products for sale.

According to vibrators, it doesn’t make much sense to orient yourself. Even very cheap vibrators in the order of 20-30 Euros with a low margin can compete relatively well with vibrators for 200 Euros with a high margin (among other things, the production price of even the most expensive vibrators does not exceed 40 USD, but usually it is around 10 USD for vibs like Satisfyer Pro 2 Next generation + transport costs, customs, distributor and sex shop margin and VAT).

The professional also knows a lot from the dild0 menu. You can make a picture out of photos and captions of dildos, but some companies like PipeDream can beautifully take pictures and describe plastic stinks with pardon forgiveness. In the dildo offer, a layman can basically orient himself according to the designation of dildo materials.

Additional information for sex shops mainly

Our (no fee) interest and call for your favorite sex shop suggestions

We are not interested in Affiliate programs (rewards for links or mention in this article), as u can see no links are affiliated. We wish to do an honest TOP sexshop ranking. If u believe ur (favorite) shop is good, recommend it for our review. It has the same chance to hit a place in the chart like all others. The sex shop does not need a good address, expensive stone shop or TV adds. The sexshop has to have good price / quality ratio be special by something / goods, approach or else and cover mainstream sex tools are to be taken into our consideration. Highly specialised sex shops and Factory shops are out of our scope. There are many big ordinary shops offering huge amounts of goods but pretty much the same goods as all others. The assessment is full at our discretion. It will take a couple of weeks or months to recheck scams and it will be done totally without contact with the shop.

Assessment template:

  1. Price to quality performance  1-10 x 50= 500
  2. Offer extension 1-10 x20=200
  3. extra 1-10 x 15=150
  4. Absence of poor quality tools 1-10 x 15=150
  5. Unfair practices: not found (up to minus 100p)
  6. privacy protection threats: (up to minus 100p)

Countries according to Price to performance ratio (rough evaluation)

Czech, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Britain, USA, Italy (Italy has absolutely the most expensive sex shops)

Serbia – interestingly no sex shops

The others

Below u can see see shops who did not make it to be duly assessed, most usually due to the reason the prices are too high combined to big share of lower quality sex toys. They would probably be somewhere around 30 – 50% and are not worth the detailed assessment. Or simply the shop is too specialised and out of assessment by default. We also unusally does not assess sex shops with limited access, where u need a VPN to reach them.

Amazon All word (more expensive and chaotic then Alixpress, the 20 % portal’s provision makes the products quite pricy compared to normal sex shops)

Amorelie Germany

Annmarie Poland

Clonezone  CO UK (u need VPN to access this site internationally that s weird)

Doll House France

Dorcel France

Eden Fantasys USA

Espaceplaisir France – similar products to sexy Avenue but much more expensive

Erotikcenter Hungary

Erotic City Czech

Fetish Freak CO UK

Gear Leather USA

iSexshop Slovak

King Sexy Shop Italy (the most overpriced sex shop we found, some price 5x higher compared to Extasica, this would reach score like 25 or 30 %)

Kinky Winky Poland

Liberator USA

My pleasure USA

n69.pl Poland

Orion Germany

Passage du Désir France

Pajkospajtas Hungary

Pepper and Love Italy

Pleasure Chest USA

Pleasure Room Italy

Pleasures Treasures USA

Priscilla Mc Call‘ s USA

Rimba Netherland Historically famous sex shop and wholesaler – pretty low quality expensive products the bad symbol of the 90’s in fist decade of the millenium together with Pipe Dream, now on their path down (we guess and hope)

Ruzovy slon Czech, Slovak

Sklep Intimny Poland

Szexaruhaz Hungary

Uberkinky USA

Vagyaim Hungary

45,5 % Honour UK (Europe, US, CA, JP, TU, SA + a couple)

Honour did not make it to our chart but as we already did the assessment we place it for u just as a case for „the others“.

British sex shop from 1988. It specialises in Fetish wear and bondage, from with among normal quality staff offers a couple of high quality things. Honour’s prices compared to Europe are very high. First check we got pretty decent prices from some affiliate link, but we are not sure, so we do not penalize it (in fact some shops do this practice mostly at price comparators), second check – direct link – we got pretty high prices. The sex toys are added in a low/middle quality rather to suplement the main business. It mixes many goods into different categories which makes the shop look bigger but also makes the customer orientation more difficult. But that was not considered as unfair by us.

  1. Price to quality performance  5 x 50= 250 really high prices
  2. Offer extension  6 x20=120 own suppliers, deduction for high specialisation and absence of higher quality sex toys
  3. extra 2 x 15=30 broad latex offer
  4. Absence of poor quality tools 6 x 15=75 many low quality tools
  5. Unfair practices: not found
  6. privacy protection threats: -20p  (no info how long they keep ur data, privacy policy not too detailed, missing list of external partners possessing the customers data)

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