Best 8 Sex Shops in the Czech Republic

Annual score of the best Czech sex shops according to fixed criteria price-performance, quality, offer, data protection, extra. This is as English version of a more detailed article in Czech – Best Czech Sex Shops rating – score evaluation.

Summary: 2022/2023 brings a higher share of quality dildos and vibrators in sex shops‘ offers. Animal dildos penis sleeves are appearing more. The Extasica sex shop stands out in many ways, not just with the average best prices. That’s why it is often mentioned in the article as a benchmark for sex shop comparisons. Sex shops up to 7th place have a lot to offer. Sex shops manage some of the most sensitive customer personal data on the market and outdo themselves in assurances of discretion. However, with few exceptions, they stumble badly in terms of data protection.

1. Best Sex Shop Extasica.com 94,5% Review – Best Prices and Quality

Extasica.com has been operating since 2016 (since 2019 it is the first Czech sex shop in the EU). Extasica searches for its own suppliers, carefully selects goods. It offers stable prices up to 1/2 the price compared to identical products in other sex shops. The shop in Prague 4 offers a wide range of BDSM, clinic and quality dildos. Decent range of electro sex products at a fifth of the price of regular distributions. Highest long-term customer rating in the industry on Heureka and Google.

One of the few sex shops in the country to have abandoned plastic bootleg aids and only offer higher quality silicone and realskin aids. One of the few not to allow illegal pre-stamped consent with Heureka reviews. That’s why it has relatively few reviews. It has no competition in privacy even in Europe.

Customer data is deleted after the order is processed and a customer account cannot be set up. Many special sex aids not found elsewhere. They even design some of the aids themselves. This is probably the exception among sex shops.

On the blog they have several articles more in depth than usual and quality porn stories. These are quite a rarity on the internet. The store doesn’t bother with marketing, banner ads on the site, promotional emails, etc. It shows its back to others in terms of value for money – you simply get the most for your money here, but it excels in other areas as well.

Low variety of offerings in some segments. Some items are unavailable for several months. Lousy frequency of adding new short stories.

Sex Shop Extasica score: 94,5%

  1. Price performance 10/10 * 60 = 60 The cheapest sex shop for branded products, keeps prices 10 to 40% below others, plus has its own distribution of cheap quality products.
  2. Discretion and customer data protection 10/10 * 10 = 10 Deletes all customer data and except for payment gateway and carrier, consent to send data to Heureka is not pre-checked.
  3. Rozsah nabídky a sklad 5/10 * 10 = 5 Cca 800 produktů, z toho u 10% dlouhodobě nedostupných, některé Range of offer and stock 5/10 * 10 = 5 Approx 800 products, of which for 10% long term unavailable, some products like latex, chemistry they don’t want to sell at all, on the contrary many specialties.
  4. Absence of low quality aids 10/10 * 15 = 15 We will not sanction the occasional extra cheap BDSM toys of lower quality to match the price.
  5. Extra 9/10 * 5 = 4,5 Detailed tips and instruction, own products, own suppliers, own design of aids, sex museum, quality porn stories.
  6. Unfair practices: not detected -0b
  7. Web clutter: not detected -0b

Changes to 2023: As the only sex shop in the Czech Republic, we offer only high quality dildos and anal plugs. Expanded offer of dildos, anal plugs and smart pumps.

2. Review Sex Shop Deep Love 83% – Best Vibrator Prices

Tento sexshop funguje od 2008. Jak píšem dále, nejsme fandové dvoj a trojsexshopů, ale tento nám dává smysl. Přesněji levnější verze Deeplove.cz či klon Vibratorek.cz (klon či vlajková loď sexicekshop.cz je pro blbce, co chtějí platit navíc). Široká nabídka vibrátorů za nejlepší ceny na trhu, leckdy na úrovni velkoobchodu. Z pohledu cena výkon a v zásadě i kvalita si vedou dobře i v kategorii dild. V ostatních kategoriích je to v porovnání s trhem vyšší nadprůměr zejména u kritéria cena / výkon. Můžete se podívat do prodejny v ul. Plzeňská Praha 5.

Celkem rozsáhlý blog, avšak pouze „marketingové“ kvality. Honosným pojmem „Erotická poradna“ označují tipy obvyklé kvality pro sexshop. Pojmem „LGBT pomůcky“ (v reálu nic takového není) označují normální erotické pomůcky.

Sex Shop Deep Love score:  83%

  1. Price performance 8.5/10 * 60 = 51 Some things cost more, e.g. BDSM, erection rings, penis sleeves,
  2. Discretion and customer data protection 6/10 * 10 = 6 Heureka reviews without consent -1, -1 existence of a customer account, -2 absence of privacy information.
  3. Range of offer and stock 8/10 * 10 = 8 Smaller range of better quality aids, especially dildos, BDSM.
  4. Absence of low quality aids 8/10 * 15 = 10.5 Some BDSM and vacuum pumps,
  5. Extra 7/10 * 5 = 3,5 Large selection and good prices of vibrators, 3 years warranty on everything, they organize erotic fair, list of Czech sex shops and porn actresses.
  6. Unfair practices: not detected -0b
  7. Web clutter: not detected -0b

Changes to 2023: newcomer in the ranking of the best sex shops. It was helped in particular by the improvement and cheapening of its portfolio and the change in the price-performance criterion in favor of vibrators. The outlook is for a further price/performance adjustment to 9.

3. Sexshop.cz a Eroticke-pomucky.cz – Asessment 77,5% – Best Vibrator Prices, Video Reviews

Sex shop with a history since 1998 and several stores in several cities. Together with its competitor Deep Love, it offers the cheapest quality vibrators in the country. Compared to Deep Love, they also offer more vibrators of weaker quality and are slightly more expensive in some other categories.

A very clear website and a quality blog with various practical information about erotic life. One of the few quality blogs along with Pink Elephant, Sexhop51 and Extasica. It’s not just the usual shallow sex shop marketing blogs, but also a piece of writing and information. The nice thing about this double-sexshop is both clones are relatively cheap, that unlike the expensive Sexicekshop.cz and its cheap clone Deep Love. Eroticke-pumocky.cz seem to be deliberately saying, we don’t make friends and so we’ll probably be cheap. And it’s true.

The store is developing some of its own aids. 2023 published interview with the owner on the blog of the sex shop but it seems that all products presented under their own brand were developed by Sexshop.cz. For the most part, however, these are regular products developed by the big Asian brand Realov. Big distributors of erotic aids like Rimba, Orion, Debranet normally present Chinese goods under their own brand. But they don’t claim to have developed it. Presenting foreign products as their own development is already flaunting foreign feathers and de jure unfair business practice. Even this ergonomic container for the vaginal pump at Realov was also initiated by Extasica, which ended up with a more advanced version.

Lots of good quality penis extensions, venus balls at very decent prices. In BDSM and dildos, more lower quality stuff. They have the deepest stock. If it runs out elsewhere, Sexshop.cz still has it.

Sexshop.cz score points:  77,5%

  1. Price performance 8.5/10 * 60 = 51
  2. Discreteness and customer data protection 6/10 * 10 = 6 Not sending Heureka data (o.k.), -1b existence of customer account, -1b absence of 3rd party info for personal data, -0.5b personal data protection page only accessible from checkout.
  3. Range of offer and stock 8/10 * 10 = 8 Absence of better quality products in some categories.
  4. Absence of low quality aids 7/10 * 15 = 10.5 more lower quality BDSM aids, dildos, pumps etc.
  5. Extra 9/10 * 5 = 4,5 development of own aids, video reviews, branches in different cities, medical advice, above average blog, deepest stock
  6. Unfair practices: presenting the target’s work as your own -3pts.
  7. Web clutter: not detected -0b

Changes to 2023: Significant recurring price reductions and higher quality products in some categories. From 7th to 3rd place. A lot of the ugly vibrators disappeared and quality vibrators were added. Improved the blog a lot over the years and added hilarious video reviews.

4.  Aliexpress.com 77%

It’s not a traditional sex shop. The Chinese trading platform Aliexpress brings together a huge number of small and large sellers. The advantage of this platform against Amzon, for example, is the very low prices. These are complemented by very low mass shipping through the Aliexpress channel and a huge range of goods. It is the number two in the Czech market of sex toys. We can’t pretend that we don’t see it. Many sex shops have been bothered by it as unfair competition. As of 2021, customs duties and VAT within the EU are no longer applicable.

The disadvantage is the waiting time of 5-7 weeks and especially the fact that manufacturers of erotic aids usually don’t put the best quality goods on this platform. However, the vast majority of erotic aids on the world market, including in Czech sex shops, are generic rebranded products from China, so in 80%-90% of cases there is no material limitation for the Czech customer.

Another problem is that sometimes you just don’t know what you are going to get. Sellers on Aliexpress often use better pictures than real ones. There manufacturers also copy moulds from each other quite a lot, so you often have the same shape but different material. No need to worry too much with metal anal plugs (you can’t even go wrong with that) and costumes and sexy outfits, where even European sex shops don’t offer good cavalry.

Score points of Aliexpress sex toys sellers: 77%

  1. Price performance 9.5/10 * 60 = 54 If one searches and finds the same generic product, it comes out cheapest. Could easily receive 10 out of 10. But there are also a lot of overpriced and low quality products out there.
  2. Discretion and customer data protection 3/10 * 10 = 3 Customer account in China …
  3. Range of offer and stock 10/10 * 10 = 10 The best things are not offered there.
  4. Absence of poor quality gadgets 6/10 * 15 = 9
  5. Extra 2/10 * 5 = 1 extra selection, refund if they send you something else.
  6. Unfair Practices – Often wrongly described material, wrong photo, or multiple photos, yet main photo is different than product, always received full compensation therefore only – 3b.
  7. Site clutter: not detected -0b

changes to 2023: improve product quality

Titanmen focuses on gay and extreme aids. A really wide portfolio of quality products. The shop offers a wide range of massive dildos, fisting gels and quality fetish clothing from the higher price range. In the area of dildos you will find a lot of extreme pieces there. They have their own suppliers and also many expensive specialties that you won’t see elsewhere (e.g. dildos by Mr. Hankey Toys), but other sex shops are also starting to join in this respect (Sexshop51, Gaymegastore see below). If you are from Prague, Warehouse and delivery point in Prague Vršovice.

Thumbs down for Heureka reviews completely without customer approval. You don’t see that much nowadays.

Sex Shopu Titanmen score:  66%

  1. Price performance 6/10 * 60 = 36
  2. Confidentiality and protection of customer data 7/10 * 10 = 7 Heureka reviews completely without approval -3b, -1b existence of a customer account)
  3. Range of offer and stock 8/10 * 10 = 8 Aimed at gay men, still very high marks, many specials.
  4. Absence of low quality gadgets 9/10 * 15 = 13.5 (some plastic dildos)
  5. Extras 5/10 * 5 = 2,5 Photo models, own suppliers, specialties.
  6. Unfair practices: not detected -0b
  7. Web clutter: not detected -0b

Changes as of 2023: The new site is hilarious and was already needed. It is even more strongly defined for Gay. The quality of dildos has improved, but also elsewhere. Increased the grade for extra – specials. Lowered the price/performance grade. Made it a little more expensive than elsewhere and there is a noticeable shift into the expensive specialty zone. A drop from 2nd place.

6. MHsexshop.com Assessment

Probably the only sex shop that specializes only in higher quality tools and basically only in BDSM, fetish, latex. The other categories are more to make sure that the customer doesn’t leave empty-handed in a pinch. It’s been open since 2004. The offer is of course limited due to the small Czech market, but it is worth seeing at least. Eshop is visually very interesting with nice photos. The prices correspond to it. The shop searches for its own suppliers, carefully selects the goods.

Score of MH Sexshop:  65,5%

  1. Price performance 5/10 * 60 = 36 High quality at high prices. Here, the price-performance ratio is not a big deal.
  2. Discretion and protection of customer data 9/10 * 10 = 9 Existence of a customer account -1, we positively evaluate the ban on Heureka reviews, the indication of the retention period of personal data and the naming of 3rd parties to whom the data is passed on.
  3. Range of offer and stock 4/10 * 10 = 4 Inevitable deduction for narrow specialization.
  4. Absence of poor quality tools 10/10 * 15 = 15
  5. Extras 3/10 * 5 = 1.5 Photos, custom suppliers, have the cells to write well and in depth, but probably not the time, something is ramping up, we’ll see.
  6. Unfair practices: not detected -0b
  7. Web clutter: not detected -0b

Changes as of 2023: slight move away from BDSM and even more focus on latex and fetish clothing accessories. In the future, we will consider placing under the article in the featured specialty sex shops.

7. Sexshop51.cz Review – Best penis sleeves, gels and best quality blog

Based on a tip from a reader. Unlike previous years, it deserves a place in the Top 10. They have the best blog of all Czech sex shops. Above average and consistent quality and information value added articles. Interesting content with good regularity. They write above average product reviews where they are not afraid of criticism. But they almost always choose a product of weaker quality for review :). Reviews, although well written (and this is quite an exception in the industry), so far do not have much benefit.

The hellishly expensive vibrators unfortunately remain. Moreover, they haven’t managed to clear them yet as qualitatively as some sex shops on the leading sites. Great selection of nice nice functional penis sleeves at reasonable prices. In the category of penis extensions and penis sleeves, sex shops in the Czech Republic are far from having competition. Completely avoided those 10cm Asian sizes. They don’t make sense in Europe, but other sex shops are flooded with them. The range of lubricants is also excellent in terms of range, quality and price.

The range of dildos gives the impression that it has undergone a lot of renewal and hasn’t been fully debugged yet. It’s as if a large part of the range needed to be replaced at once. Prices are average.

Outside of the reviews. Website design is outdated. This is the last of our big traditional online sex shops with a weaker website. We expect to see a new one in a year or two and maybe a logo redesign. We have struggled with cookie rejection (cluttered).

Point Score of the Sexshop51.cz :  65,5%

  1. Price performance 6.5/10 * 60 = 39
  2. Discretion and customer data protection 5/10 * 10 = 5 Heureka reviews without active consent -1b, -1b existence of customer account, -1b absence of 3rd party info on personal data, very long retention period of customer data 15 years -2b.
  3. Range of offer and stock 9/10 * 10 = 9 Great offer in all categories except BDSM and clinic
  4. Absence of low quality aids 6/10 * 15 = 8 Higher proportion of lower quality BDSM aids, dildos, pumps, etc.
  5. Extra 6/10 * 5 = 3 Highest quality blog, shop
  6. Unfair practices: not detected -0b
  7. Web clutter: not detected -0b

Changes as of 2023: newcomer to the rankings. There will probably be decent growth potential here in the future.

8. Sexshop Růžový slon (Rose Elephant) Review – Best Show, Video Reviews, Customer Reviews

This well-known Ostrava sex shop has been operating for a very long time. It offers a nice shop and a very well made website with lots of interesting articles for short moments. The exclusivity of the Růžový slon sex shop is the video product reviews. The „secret“ 13th chamber with VIP content is also an interesting idea. Pink Elephant invests massively in advertising not only on Google, but especially on Heureka.cz, and we estimate its ad spending to be the second highest on the market. For example, about 800 spots on Nova’s channels in 2021 cost – according to an estimate by a marketing expert in TV advertising based on databases of advertising companies and list prices after real discounts – CZK 6.5m. This can be seen in the prices and if we ignore Erotic city, Pink Elephant is one of the most expensive on the market.

This contrasts with its willingness to offer even introduced aids (some dildos and vaginal mirrors) of very low quality. This is despite the fact that the shop does not comprehensively take up the offer of local distributors and also seeks its own suppliers. The shop is relatively expensive but offers a great deal of extras in the form of video reviews, information, user reviews and entertainment. If we had an award for sensory impression, Pink Elephant would be the clear winner.

Score of the sex shop Růžový slon: 60,5%

  1. Price performance 5/10 * 60 = 30 The shop is one of the most expensive, probably the most expensive with a general focus after Erotic City.
  2. Confidentiality and customer data protection 8/10 * 10 = 8 Heureka reviews without consent -1, -1 existence of a customer account
  3. Range of offer and stock 7/10 * 10 = 7 (few BDSM and dildos)
  4. Absence of low quality aids 7/10 * 15 =9 (deduction for some low quallity clinic, BDSM, dildos, etc.)
  5. Extra 10/10 * 5 = 5 (video reviews, customer reviews, information, massive internet advertising, TV ads, photo models)
  6. Unfair practices: not detected -0b
  7. Site clutter: not detected -0b, it’s less cluttered than other sites, but the user finds what they need

2023: no major changes

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