Multi site web and multi currency cache compatible solution

Since 2019 i have been using Woocommerce Multicurrency switcher. Unlike other it was very compatible with WordPress Woocommerce incluing PDF Invoices and Packing Slips plugin. The problem was when u wished to use any cash plugin. Any user currency change changed it for all other users, which makes this cash currence plugin and many similar plugins unusable.

Aelia Currency Switcher for Woocommerce plugin short review

Recently i found a solution in Aelia Currency Switcher for Woocommerce plugin which writes the visitor currency selection into a cookie and u can simply ban this cookie from the cache (every cache plugin has a user field for that).

The cookies names to be exclued are:



Its really pricy 79Eur + VAT, twice the price of regular currency premium plugins. But it works with cache plugins, Woocommerce and PDF Invoices and Packing Slips plugin. U are not charged first 14 days if u go for free trial option.

It has a great currency plugin support web.

U can use it with all cache plugins including free cache plugins, not onlz officialz supported plugins by Aelia without any code adjustments. U just simply add it as a widget.

Add Aelia Currency Switcher to the Woocommerce Header

Pity there is no option to add the switcher into the header. U need this code for that:

// aelia currency switcher into header
add_action( ‚storefront_header‘, ‚vk_storefront_header_content‘, 11 );

function vk_storefront_header_content() { echo do_shortcode(‚[aelia_currency_selector_widget widget_type=“dropdown“ currency_display_mode=“show_currency_code“]‘);}

The code needs to be put in ur child theme „functions.php“ file. How to get a child theme (u won´t do anything more sophisticated in ur wordpress without is) is fundamental basics u need (must have) and can google it elsewhere.

U can change the appearance with the aelia currency plugin short codes. The syntax is not hard to catch even for a non coder with the example above.

U can choose areas in the header where to put it (hook it). Just change to number „11“ in the code above to a number higher or lower compared to number (positions) store front header hook positions below:

storefront_skip_links – 0, storefront_social_icons – 10,  storefront_site_branding – 20, storefront_secondary_navigation – 30, storefront_product_search – 40,  storefront_primary_navigation_wrapper – 42, storefront_primary_navigation – 50, storefront_header_cart – 60,  storefront_primary_navigation_wrapper_close – 68

Aelia Currency Switcher Translatepress Compatibility / Do I Need Dynamic Caching?

Developer confirms compatibility with many multi languages translation plugins. Translate press plugin is not mentioned but it works perfectly when u use currency codes only see example (warning its a sexshop / adult site).

Developer says WP Fastest Cache (free) and many other plugins do not support dynamic caching. May be u do not need it. With WP Fastest Cache and Aelia i still got 40 % times for site upload speed compared to no chache web.

Other releveant cookies if u need to exclude them

U do not need to identify and exclude other cookies e.g. for country or language of delivery, at least when ur woocommerce geolocation is active, may be even without geolocation as i have geolocation for languages and language cokkie works with cache plugins no problem even without manual exclusion from caching. If i am mistaken  or u dont use geolocation the other cookies are thx to (thx to EasyEl and WordPress forum):



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